The “So Called Christian”

It seems like everyone says they’re a “christian”, but do they really understand what that means? Are all these people actually living their lives for Christ, do they show fruit? Let’s crack the case!

I’ve been homeschooled for most of my life, so you can say I’ve been sheltered from the world. But freshman year of highschool, me and my parents thought public school might be a refreshing change. It turned out to be a terrible idea. My Mom and Dad said that they noticed a change in me, for the worse. When you’re consistently socializing with unsaved people, you’re bound to get influenced. Obscenities, slang, and language become part of your vocabulary when everyone else is using them, and trust me it’s very hard to stand out amongst the rest. Being the odd man out is one of the toughest things to do, and even though you probably will get ridiculed by the people of this world, whose opinion do you care about more? The all powerful, all knowing, creator of the universe; or the burnout who sits next to you in physics? The most confusing part was that, these same kids who were cursing and involved in alcohol, and drugs, were claiming to be christian’s! What’s the deal! Is it possible to live that way, and be a christian? Well yes it is, but if you truly were a believer, you would feel conviction. You wouldn’t be able to perpetually live in sin!  So not conforming to the ways of this world is a big deal when you want to live your life completely for Christ.

After freshman year, my family decided I would be homeschooled again, and I was homeschooled for my sophomore and junior year. This brings me to where I am now, the summer before senior year (time fly’s!). For those two years of highschool, I joined a homeschool co-op. A bunch of other homeschoolers meet up once a week and take special electives like, gym, art, music, ecs. I met a lot of great friends and made many great memories. I’m extremely thankful for these kids. About eight months ago I applied and was hired for my first job. Guess what? I was no longer in my little safety net of christian friends. I was back in the world, working with unsaved people. And yet again I came across the “so called christian”. People I work with who talk like a sailor, yet they profess to be a christian. This can be a major turn off in the eyes of an unbeliever. You claim to follow Christ and His word, yet you buckle under the peer pressure. What is different about a christian compared to anybody else, when you act the same as me? We need to stand out! We need to be different! If people notice this, that’s great! You are a child of God, live your life following His word proudly, and be bold about it!

In conclusion, I’d like to get one thing straight. We are all sinners, I’m not saying you have to be perfect. But you should strive for excellence, and want to be constantly growing in your walk. We all make mistakes, and we are always going to face trials. God uses these tough situations for his good! To strengthen our faith, and show His power. Stand out amongst this evil generation by walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

– M.A.Greco