SciFi Novel Week Four: Slacker

Ahhh! Friday came so quick this week. I haven’t gotten a chance to work on my book at all since the last update, partially because my computer wasn’t working, but it’s been fixed now. I have no excuse:p Anyways, guess what! The gas mask came in the mail today! I’m thinking about doing a twelve hour challenge where I’ll have to wear the mask for twelve hours to really get into character. It’s really legit, and awesome looking, but very heavy, and I was sweating after wearing it for only a few minutes. The lenses also fog up very easily. It’s from the Czech Republic so I can’t read any of the instructions, and it came with some filters, and a drinking tube.

Now I admit I have been slacking a bit this week, sometimes I don’t feel very inspired, and sometimes I’m really inspired and get up at three a.m. to write a bunch. This week I am definitely going to work on finishing up chapter three, so wish me luck! I bid you all farewell.


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