SciFi Novel Week Two: Writers Block

Happy Friday everyone! Time for a quick SciFi novel update.
So I’ve made some progress on chapter two, though it’s not completely finished. I’m hoping I’ll get some time to write tonight when I get home from work. I have not purchased the gas mask yet, but I have decided, I most definitely will be buying one.
Now to talk about one of the greatest, if not the greatest struggle for a writer. Writers block! Ahhh it kills me. I want to get some writing done, but it just feels weird, it lacks luster. That’s when I need to get inspired. Maybe go for a walk, or hangout with a friend. Just take a break from the drawing board, and collect new ideas. So far I haven’t had any writers block, but we all have to face it sooner or later.
I told myself I’d write another blog about something theological before the next SciFi update was due, but as usual I procrastinated. Hopefully this upcoming week I’ll get that done. Have a great weekend everyone!

-M. A. Greco


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