The Phantom Time Hypothesis

Now I know I promised theology, but I stumbled upon this really interesting topic! I was browsing YouTube and I found myself stranded in the weird side of town,¬†where cats fart rainbows and Russian guys explode stuff. Amongst all the chaos I found a video about this “conspiracy” theory, and it was pretty entertaining. So here we go, “The Phantom Time Hypothesis”!
Alright, so in 1986 a German historian named Heribert Illig started developing a theory, which stated that the years AD 614-911 never existed. Now I’ll explain how he came to this conclusion.
In 1582 Pope Gregory created the calendar we use today by correcting the original Julian calendar which was created by Julius Caesar. See, the Julian calendar was created in 46 BC and since then it lost approximately one day each century. When Gregory corrected it he should have added thirteen days because thirteen centuries had passed, but instead he added ten. Therefore Illig says that Pope Gregory knew that three centuries never even happened. Illig also points to the scare archeological and written evidence from the dark ages.
Historians argue that events like eclipses can be accurately dated to the time that medieval records mention. Therefore records from China synchronize with European events. They also say Gregory only added ten days because he wanted to match the date with the official date of Easter (Agreed in the council of Nicaea in AD 325). But guess what, all critics have admitted that this theory still cannot be disproved.
Now me personally I don’t believe this, I just thought it was pretty interesting. If this was true it would mess up the timeline so much. Today would not be 2014, but instead 1717. This would change all the dates from past events! The opposing argument definitely has more facts backing it up, but it’s up to you to decide what you believe. The world may never know!



SciFi Novel Week Two: Writers Block

Happy Friday everyone! Time for a quick SciFi novel update.
So I’ve made some progress on chapter two, though it’s not completely finished. I’m hoping I’ll get some time to write tonight when I get home from work. I have not purchased the gas mask yet, but I have decided, I most definitely will be buying one.
Now to talk about one of the greatest, if not the greatest struggle for a writer. Writers block! Ahhh it kills me. I want to get some writing done, but it just feels weird, it lacks luster. That’s when I need to get inspired. Maybe go for a walk, or hangout with a friend. Just take a break from the drawing board, and collect new ideas. So far I haven’t had any writers block, but we all have to face it sooner or later.
I told myself I’d write another blog about something theological before the next SciFi update was due, but as usual I procrastinated. Hopefully this upcoming week I’ll get that done. Have a great weekend everyone!

-M. A. Greco

SciFi Novel Week One: So Far So Good

Hey everyone! So it’s Friday, which means SciFi novel update! I surprisingly got a lot done. First I worked out some of the details, such as, planet names, galaxy names, characters, personalities, and backgrounds. Then I started writing away. I’ve finished the first chapter, and have already written some of chapter two.
I’ll tell you a little about the storyline. A crew of five members are sent to a deserted planet which was destroyed in biological warfare. Their mission is to find any new life. When on the surface they must wear protective gear, such as a gas mask. Now I was thinking about purchasing one, and wearing it all day to get into character, but I don’t know if I’m going to. We’ll find out next week.
I believe that’s all for now. I might post a few paragraphs from the first chapter later. Have a good day!


My Science Fiction Mission

For my entire life I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but I always give up after a few chapters. Usually I either get bored or come to the conclusion that the plot wasn’t as great as I had first thought. But I really, really want to write a complete book! So I’ve decided to take on the challenge and put everything I have into writing this. I’m starting fresh, with a new story line, and it’s Science fiction, so anything can happen. I’m probably going to post weekly updates about my progress, and I hope who ever reads this will keep me accountable to that. I’ll probably even post the first few chapters. Wish me luck!

– M.A.Greco